Ting Pang

Background: I was born in Xianyang, Shanxi Province, China, where the Terracotta Warriors were found. I had B.S. degree in Biotechnology from Wuhan University, China. My undergraduate thesis research was on the group I intron of Candida albicans. I then came to the United States to pursue my Ph.D. studies. I joined Ry Young’s lab in Texas A&M University, and my Ph.D. research was on the characterization of the hole formation pathway of a small membrane protein called pinholin S21, a key lysis protein produced by coliphage 21.

My current work: I joined both Tom Bernhardt and David Rudner’s labs in August, 2011. My current project is to study the cell wall biosynthesis of the Gram-positive pathogen Staphylococcus aureus. The long-term goal is to discover and study novel genes involved in this process, which may provide insights into antimicrobial drug design. I am currently a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow of the Life Sciences Research Foundation (Aug 2012-Jul 2015).